Lidl - Valid from 05/25 until 05/31/2022

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Catalogue Lidl from 05/25/2022
ladl members only myr 4.9⁹9 members only 3.4⁹ char-broil rastelli preferred boneless beef ribeye steak mit four percustome featured mon while supplies last char-broil® american gourmet offset smoker 430-square-inches of total cooking space • porcelain-coated cooking grates for rust-resistance • multiple dampers to easily control heat and smoke provolone mozzarella rastelli preferred • limit four per customer havarti colby jack mild cheddas swiss muenster sliced cheese limit eight per customer pepper jack daih staip cheduan cannon hring ray mix & match cause save 84¢ 2.⁹9⁹ mixed baby potatoes 1.5lb imit five per customer featured while supplies last 6.9⁹⁹ grown lidl price 3.⁹⁹ large seedless watermelon let cuts on 100+ items wahlburgers™ prime blend burgers save $4.93 family size original bratwurst family size save 86¢ beef franks 15 oz limit four per customer phim diet coke coca-cola myr lidl featured while supplies last save $1.50 3.⁹9⁹ lemons & limes limit five per customer family size! sprite mix & match coca-cola beyond meat cookout classic plant-based burger patties balad mustard potato zero sugar calcola coca-cola product • choose from coca-cola zero diet coke limit nine per customer limit five per customer 19⁹⁹ limit five per customer save 69c 11⁹ red seedless grapes save $7.08 family size 18⁹⁹ chilean salmon fillet myw baby back pork ribs fully with barbecue sauce cooked! limit four per customer featured while supplies last 11.9⁹⁹ jensentm frozen beef burgers choose from jalapeño or chorizo seasoned 32 oz 3.⁹⁹ extra virgin olive oil 25.3.oz mit four per customer lidl extra virgin caror baked fresh daily isave $1.00 super sweet blackberries 6oz imit five per customer family size! bap jalapeno beef burgers beyond meat cookout classic™m frozen plant- based burger patties • 32 oz members only save up to 75¢ lidl everyday selection 1.9⁹9 save 20¢ sides macaroni members only limit four per customer raisin custard swirl limit six per customer- featured 14.⁹⁹ while supplies last classic dill bread & butler lidl preferred selection frozen shrimp suckerpunch™ ring with cocktail sauce family size suckerpunch suckerpunch pickles choose from classic dill spears or bread & butter chips 24fl oz limit four per customer bap mini apple pastry limit eight per customer ladl great news! everyone could use some good cuts throughout our stores! grawn chorizo beef burgers martin's les actrica potato polls 24⁹ martin's potato rolls sandwich uimit four per customer